I’m always on the look out for great solutions to common style/fashion problems we as women face (like bra straps that keep showing). I even keep a few go to items in my stylist kit and personal makeup bag for those random situations that happen (like peek-a-boob). Check out one of my old Youtube videos to see what is in my makeup bag. Well I just elevated my game on new solutions and tools to help you and have a… Read more »


Are you still looking for a great suit to wear this summer? After reading about the suit for your type (CLICK HERE), take a look at a few of my top suggestions based on your vacation or swim destination. Like what you see? Don’t hesitate to let me style you for your next swim destination, whether it be in the backyard or on Venice Beach. The best part is it’s FREE! Just create an account HERE and send in your request. I’ll have… Read more »


Shopping online (especially sales) is a staple for me these days and there are many reasons why, which I will share with you in this blog post. So let’s get to it, the top 10 reasons why I shop online sales and why you will want to start… You avoid the crowds. You can be one of the first to hit the sale (Pssst, did I mention my boutique, Chloe & Isabel is having a Semi-Annual Sale, CLICK HERE to… Read more »

NYX eyeliner

I haven’t done a pick of the week in months! As of this week I am back at it. How does it work? At the end of each week, either Friday or Saturday I share my favorite fashion or beauty item, hence the title pick of the week. This week’s pick is The Curve Eyeliner from NYX. I had been coveting the perfect wing or cat-eye look  using liquid liner for a while. I tried several before landing on this one…. Read more »


As I’m typing this it’s almost Thursday, but I couldn’t resist. I had to share with you all a great look that happens to have had a great history. The jumpsuit (the one piece wonder) is back in full swing this summer and it’s been around since the 60′s, crept back in the 90′s and reemerged this summer. Check out my own jumpsuit look HERE. This piece has so many looks and twists. It comes with cut outs, prints, colors, fitted,… Read more »


People think being a stylist is an easy and fun job, well it’s a lot of hard work and it takes a good eye and knowledge on placement, color, texture and more. Don’t forget to add in the long hours, long travels to locations and low starting pay. It’s not much different when it comes to my latest venture, prop styling. Yes this is a thing, a job and it exists. According to Wikipedia (the only place I could find… Read more »

DIY shirt

Who doesn’t love a good graphic t-shirt? They happen to be on trend and all the rage these days. I have been eyeing a couple in particular (head on over to Broke Rich Girls to see what I’m talking about). Since I haven’t bought my eye candy yet (I Don’t Do Mornings and Broke.Rich.Girl) I was super excited when HiCustom contacted me to try out their t-shirt customization service. It gave me the opportunity to design my own shirt, similar to the one’s… Read more »

under 50

New York has been cool and fickle lately when it comes to the weather. Today is the first day I have felt summer really kick in (granted we don’t officially start the season till Saturday). With the hot temps of this week heading our way, it prompted me to share a few great summer looks for the budget conscious for this week’s Row Wednesday. Click the image below to view my suggested pieces and looks. The best part about these… Read more »