now and later

A few days ago I declared it early fall. Boy was I right, according to the weather forecasts for the upcoming months we are expected to have another polar vortex (an unexpected early winter). You can already feel it in the air. The mornings are crisp and cool like October. To prepare for this I am pulling out my layering pieces and transitioning summer looks into early fall looks. I want to make sure you are ready as well. Here is… Read more »

what do i do

This is a very good question. People don’t seem to understand what it is that I do when I say, “I’m a fashion stylist”. I get a wide range of looks, form perplexed to just a smile. People often reply with, “so you do hair”? No, no, sorry I don’t do hair. I am a fashion stylist, I work with clothing. It starts to make more sense and then I go into more detail. After so many of these conversations… Read more »


This weeks pick is another piece of jewelry from my online jewelry boutique. The past week I have been wearing this beauty and getting lots of compliments and stares. Ladies love it so much that yet again they are requesting catalogs, wanting to host pop-ups and showing interest in Chloe and Isabel. Without further ado, my pick is the Bead + Chain Multi Wrap Bracelet in pink (it also comes in 5 additional styles/colors). I love it because it creates an… Read more »


Can’t wear your heels another moment longer? I know how it is. This past weekend I busted out one of my favorite pairs of shoes (see the culprits pictured below). I sure did look great but after just a few short hours of walking around and dancing my poor feet were aching. The next morning was a different story! The pain got me thinking about the many solutions available to us high-heeled soldiers. That brings me to the second Fashion… Read more »


I’m super excited to add a new monthly video series to my blog! Each month you will get the opportunity to interview me and get your personal fashion/beauty questions answered, or find out what my favorite trends are, what I’m wearing, inspiration, etc. Without further ado here is August’s interview. It’s all about crop tops, high-waisted jeans, my personal fashion inspirations, how to organize your closet and what I can’t be seen without. Oh don’t forget to submit your questions… Read more »


It was hard for me to pick an item as my pick of the week for this past week. I had to sit down and really think about what impacted me and what people loved. I had to ask myself over and over, what was the one thing that stood out? Then it hit me! The one thing that got me three potential pop-ups (jewelry trunk shows) on the books for August, my Terrace Bloom Statement Necklace by Chloe and… Read more »


  I’m always on the look out for great solutions to common style/fashion problems we as women face (like bra straps that keep showing). I even keep a few go to items in my stylist kit and personal makeup bag for those random situations that happen (like peek-a-boob). Check out one of my old Youtube videos to see what is in my makeup bag. Well I just elevated my game on new solutions and tools to help you and have a… Read more »