About a year ago I quit my corporate job, packed up my bags and moved to New York to become a full-time stylist. All I have to say is…dreams do come true (God has blessed me)!!! I’m super excited to announce that I am now working full-time at Rent The Runway’s brick and mortar storefront/showroom on W. 18th Street here in New York (yes one of three showroom locations that the online rental service offers). For those of you not familiar… Read more »

2014-09-17 01.59.00

The tall buildings in New York city create this effect where it shades every corner and street you walk on. When the weather cools and breezes blow between the buildings that throw shade it gets chilly. A seventy degree day quickly feels like 60 at times or even cooler. That’s why it’s important to layer up. I finally found the perfect lightweight layer to compliment my fall wardrobe and beat those chilly shaded covered streets of New York. A flowing… Read more »


I’m a little late in getting this post up but none the less here it is. It’s a quick recap of my second fashion week here in New York city. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do as much as I wanted, I was busy prepping for new merchandise displays at the Gap. I was exhausted by the end of two weeks of overnight shifts and not really feeling like going out. The final displays and new merchandise look great. If… Read more »


This post will be quick but exciting! I am quickly approaching my 1 year anniversary of moving to New York. To celebrate I will be doing a little something special here on my blog. The month of October will be dedicated to what I call “1inNY”, an online  event. What I want to know is, what do you want to see? I’ll answer your fashion questions, do a special post, video, give away, New York launch of my jewelry boutique,… Read more »


Boy have I been exhausted the past two weeks! I was busy setting up the new displays for the Gap’s, “Black is a Color”, campaign at our store and preparing for important visitors that were scheduled to come see the new display set up. Due to all this I missed out on a few pre-parties and events for fashion week this year. I did however get the chance to make one of my favorite designers, Katty Xiomara on Monday evening… Read more »


    We are back with this month’s bi-weekly Fashion First Aid posts. I’ve been pulling out my fall and winter accessories, shoes and clothes little by little. I’ve noticed a few things need to be washed and polished so they look like new and in meant condition. This little handy-dandy tool will help you get your shoes and leather bags looking like new and ready for the new season, the Sole Glow: Clean and Shine Sponge. The shoe sponge in… Read more »