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This post will be quick but exciting! I am quickly approaching my 1 year anniversary of moving to New York. To celebrate I will be doing a little something special here on my blog. The month of October will be dedicated to what I call “1inNY”, an online  event. What I want to know is, what do you want to see? I’ll answer your fashion questions, do a special post, video, give away, New York launch of my jewelry boutique,… Read more »

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Boy have I been exhausted the past two weeks! I was busy setting up the new displays for the Gap’s, “Black is a Color”, campaign at our store and preparing for important visitors that were scheduled to come see the new display set up. Due to all this I missed out on a few pre-parties and events for fashion week this year. I did however get the chance to make one of my favorite designers, Katty Xiomara on Monday evening… Read more »


    We are back with this month’s bi-weekly Fashion First Aid posts. I’ve been pulling out my fall and winter accessories, shoes and clothes little by little. I’ve noticed a few things need to be washed and polished so they look like new and in meant condition. This little handy-dandy tool will help you get your shoes and leather bags looking like new and ready for the new season, the Sole Glow: Clean and Shine Sponge. The shoe sponge in… Read more »

Shoe trends

From sexy, multi-strapped heels to wear-with-everything booties, here are the most fabulous Fall 2014 Shoe Trends to kick off the new season in. One of the most exciting aspects of the changing seasons is the opportunity to update your wardrobe…

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Although this summer i finished my master studies, and completed my masters degree, I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the new school year that is approaching. I have made a little digging for you guys and found some affordable pieces of clothing,…

rent the runway

Rent The Runway has become a popular online destination for women shopping for a special occasion or event. The website carries designer apparel and accessories that can be rented for a specific date (whether that be a wedding, bridal shower, birthday…


For the past three weeks, my pick of the week has been jewelry from my online jewelry boutique (this being the third week). I have come to the conclusion that Chloe and Isabel is something special, I mean I already knew that because I am a merchandiser for the company but it didn’t hit me till I started getting multiple compliments and comments from friends, acquaintances and total strangers on my jewelry. Chloe and Isabel is gorgeous, finely-detailed and affordable pieces… Read more »

now and later

A few days ago I declared it early fall. Boy was I right, according to the weather forecasts for the upcoming months we are expected to have another polar vortex (an unexpected early winter). You can already feel it in the air. The mornings are crisp and cool like October. To prepare for this I am pulling out my layering pieces and transitioning summer looks into early fall looks. I want to make sure you are ready as well. Here is… Read more »