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  • Crystal’s Closet Pinciples

    I’m not afraid to admit this, my closet sucks.  What I mean is, it’s a disorderly chaotic headache.  I have shoes missing their mates, multiple seasons of garments barely hanging on their hangers, and somehow I can’t find my black […]
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  • 10 Secrets of Stylish Women | Featured by Stitchfix

    Between career, family, finding time for ourselves & all of the things, stepping out the door with style every day can seem impossible. But, trust us, there are a few attainable things that fashionable women do to look painlessly put-together. […]
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  • $10 Mall | Pick Of The Week

    So I haven’t had too many finds that I have found worth sharing lately until this past month or two. This pick of the week is a new fave for trying trendy pieces and having a bit of fun. I recently […]
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  • 7 Tips For Shopping Like A Pro

    Shopping isn’t fun for all of us (I love it and treat each trip like a mission). So for those of you who don’t like it or find it to be challenging I have 7 tips to make it easier and […]
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  • 10 Piece Challenge

    My favorite time of the year is here, FALL! I cannot tell you how sick I am of summer, it’s not even funny.  Fall is full of festive activities, great holidays, but most of all comfortable fashion options!  For me, […]
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A few of the tips that you mentioned I am really putting to use, such as layering accessories, as I would have never thought of doing that a well as how to care for my clothes have been very valuable. Thanks!