After April showers comes graduation planning and parties. You finished finals and stuck through years of keeping your head in the books, among other things. Now it’s time to treat yourself and find the perfect dress for the big day! As your personal stylist I put together a perfect look to give you a little inspiration. I didn’t stop there, I also created a graduation party look as well. Check out both looks in my new look book HERE. Love… Read more »

Tresco Screenshot 2014-04-02 20.48.39

I’m super excited to share that the new summer capsule collection Tresco Isle available on my online jewelry boutique. I love, love, love this collection! The limited edition collection is full of color straight from Tresco Isle, an Idyllic island off the coast of the United Kingdom. The flowers from the exotic gardens on this island serve as the design inspiration behind the collection. Not only can you wear the amazing pieces inspired by the exotic gardens of Tresco you… Read more »

new hair 2

I couldn’t take it any longer. I got tired of looking at my dull, lifeless hair in the mirror. It was looking thinner than usual and it had an odd limpness to it. I  attribute this to lack of sleep, stress from my new move and not eating right, in addition to a past issue with hair loss due to an acne medication I was prescribed about two years ago. So I went in and got my hair cut while… Read more »


I was supper excited to slip my new pair of “it” shoes for spring last week (the printed slip on sneaker). The only problem with my new pair of shoes, they were a  half-size too small! They didn’t come in half sizes, I normally wear a 7 1/2 and all I could find was a 7. I got them home and tried them on, they were a bit snug. I immediately jumped into stylist problem solving mode. To make them work… Read more »

basketball shoes

Can you believe it’s March already? It’s one of my favorite times of year because it means spring, warmer weather and basketball play-offs are right around the corner. It got me thinking, what does one wear to a big game or March Madness party? You’ve got to make sure you show your school colors but want to look great doing it. In today’s Row Wednesday I take three schools’ colors and style some great game worthy looks. CLICK HERE to… Read more »

online personal stylist Crystal Gardner

In the age of technology and convenience we are always looking for the next service or product to help make our lives a bit easier or solve a problem. Fashion is not stranger to this area with the recent developments in technology. The public now has the option to get help from the comfort of their own homes and work with fashion experts from across the country at affordable rates. I currently work for Keaton Row, an army of stylists… Read more »

new york street style

  My first New York Fashion Week was a dream come true. The best part was getting to say the all so famous phrase, “I’m wearing…”. So who did I wear to my first Fashion Week? Find out in this video, it’s one of my favorite up and coming designers and some of you might be familiar with her from my styling days in Colorado. Make sure to read more about day one and what went down HERE.


I’ve always dreamed of attending and planing ways on how to get into New York Fashion Week. It’s every designer, model, stylist, blogger and fashionista’s dream. My dream quickly came true after only four short months in the big city. I was honored  to attend NOCHLA fashion week, representing the New York City Fashion Blogger Meet Up group! My excitement level tripled when I got the opportunity to also attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center courtesy of my stylist internship…. Read more »


It’s been a cold one and the new word in the news is Polar Vortex (actually two words). Apparently the entire country is going through some kind of cold front that hasn’t hit the country in years. I recently experienced the Vortex’s fickle nature this week. After walking a few blocks I ended up damp and cold  during a snow/rain storm. My Steve Madden down coat took on water!!! I was not happy, I was cold and damp the next four hours… Read more »

do and don't

If you are transitioning back into the workforce, moving into a different position, or just want to make a stronger statement in your job, you might want to consider taking a look at your personal brand, including your outward appearance.  Why? Here are the facts: People make a judgment of you in just 3 seconds. 67% of people are surprised how they are perceived. A poor perception can affect business and your bottom line. You can earn 10% more when… Read more »